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Please note:

When submitting any questions via mailboxes below, to ensure we respond as quickly as possible, please include relevant information as specified below.

If you are a student, please include:

  • Your name and telephone number
  • The name of the provider you are/or were studying with
  • The name of the course you are/ or were studying

If you are a provider, please include:

  • The name, position and telephone number of the enquirer
  • The name of the organisation
  • The provider CRICOS number

ESOS Act and Policy

Prior to sending any questions relating to the ESOS mailbox you should check first if your question has already been answered in the Frequently Asked Questions (tab on top of the page). If your question has not been answered in the FAQ, and relates to the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act or is information relating to, for example:

  • refunds
  • student defaults
  • prepaid fees

Please contact ESOS policy mailbox (ESOS enquiry form)

TPS Operations

Information relating to, for example:

  • the TPS Levy
  • providers seeking promotional materials

Please contact

TPS Administrator

Information relating to, for example:

  • provider or student defaults
  • students seeking placement or refunds
  • TPS online placement system
  • how to register for the TPS
  • TPS Website

Please contact

Within Australia phone: 1300 980 434

Outside Australia phone: +61 1300 980 434