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Service Charter

Service Charter

The Charter explains the standards of service you can expect from your dealings with the TPS.

A copy of the Service Charter 2020 can be downloaded below:

TPS Service Charter 2020

TPS Service Charter 2020 - accessible version

TPS Service Charter 2020 - print-friendly version

A copy of the Application to Seek Review on a TPS Decision can be downloaded from here.

TPS Director's Foreword

This Charter explains the standard of service you can expect from the Tuition Protection Service (TPS). The TPS is an initiative of the Australian Government to assist and support international students on student visas when their education provider is unable to complete the delivery of their course of study. The TPS may also assist where international students have withdrawn from or not started their course and are eligible for a refund of tuition fees that have not been paid by the provider. In providing assistance to students the TPS strives for fairness, promptness and equitable outcomes.

There are some 1,100 institutions providing education to international students in Australia and from time to time closures, although rare, can occur. When a provider does suddenly stop delivering a course it can be a worrying and uncertain time, particularly for international students. The TPS is here to provide information and help international students find another course or, to refund any unspent tuition fees.

The TPS aims to provide a high standard of service to all our stakeholders. Your feedback is important. If you have a compliment, complaint or suggestion about something that could be improved, I look forward to hearing from you.

Vipan Mahajan

TPS Director

February 2017